Curiosity abroad

super hero?Okay, holy crap, I’ve been binging Game of Thrones so hard, I’m not jumping onto the THIRD season, and this show is crazy! There are so many backstabbings, sometimes literally. But there is so much confidence, power, double crosses, espionage. It’s amazing. This show is amazing, and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Another show that I might start DareDevil, everyone keeps telling me to watch that too and while I’m not usually fond of the blind superhero personally; this sounds like a genuinely brilliant show and concept. The way that they are shooting it and keeping with the dark tones and the black world is amazing. But, I’ll have to check it out, I might look at Arrow or Jessica Jones first.

Another TV show people keep telling me to watch is The 100, despite what I just said about Arrow I just don’t like watching CW shows that much. I like the sci-fi genre a lot and I’m afraid that most shows can’t capture the dispair that comes with a lot of great science fiction, but I just don’t like that they keep shoehorning in all of this teenage drama into it.

It just breaks the world. How am I supposed to believe that you are going to colonize a planet and have it up and running with 100 teenagers? Are you kidding me? You are just begging to have a bunch of plot holes and contrivances, what if they get injured or die? Why not just send 100 trained and intelligent fully grown humans? Wouldn’t that make more sense?

Or is it trying to be a sci-fi version of Battle Royale? I’m not upset with that; that would be a great idea undoubtedly but not on CW. You can’t even pass a TV-Ma on that channel, why would you even try to capture an idea as big as that on a station that can’t fully explore the darker themes that it is prepared to expose. The CW is trying to sprint a marathon, and while it may look interesting at first, you begin to realize that it will burn itself out and not be able to complete it at all. That’s my two cents worth anyway.

In other news, my brother has been acting weird for me. He asked for me to meet with someone from a hair extensions place down here. But it was all very strange the way he phrased it and posed it as a question; it almost sounded like he was desperate. Plus he was asking for something I didn’t even know about, so I decided to research this

He asked for tape in hair extensions. Why would he want that, these things go in your hair, are taped to the hair and modify the hair length so that it looks like you have different or more hair on your head. Now why would my brother call me about that when he can A) get it himself in Texas, or wherever he is at the moment; and B) Why would he want it from a specific retailer? Something fishy is going on.

enough with the locksmiths, please.


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