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WIthout a Trace, Colors Bleed

What if I told you that what has been going on hasn’t been strange for the sake of strangeness, but rather a deliberate shoestring of messages. What if I told you that breadcrumbs were being laid down for me, and I wouldn’t know what they were. What if I told you that the police came to my door and asked me what I knew about medium duty trucks and South America. I’d say I didn’t know anything and that it’s a strangely specific question.

A certain Tom Nehl wants to know where one of his truck went. A certain barrel and drum company what did he do want to know why ten of their steel drums have been associated with an event that was criminal. The police would like to know why I bought products that would change someone’s appearance without making a note of the situation.

My brother has discontinued his phone service; he sent one last text message that said “Love ya” to both my parents and me. Nobody knows anything, we are all off the grid on what happened and for good reason, we are virtually unaccountable because we don’t know anything. I’m sort of in financial trouble because now I’m in for ten steel drums with a company, but I’m not supposed to pay for it yet. Because of the nature of the incident we are not allowed to speak about what happened but he might be directly responsible for what happened to them, and if I pay for them technically I would be responsible, and nobody wants that.

My parents are shocked to discover this news undoubtedly, but unfortunately, there is not a lot that we can do to fix it. We don’t know if or what he did wrong, but we know that he found it necessary to leave the country. I just hope that he’s healthy and safe, in other news, though, I still have a business to run.

where is the devilIn other, similarly awful news, I have finished a game of thrones and am now making my way through DareDevil. This show is awesome, I’ve seen the hallway scene and nobody told me The Punisher was going to be in season 2, that is an amazing surprise! The first season was just so good, and then the Punisher just brings everything to 11!

My other favorite part has to be the fact that the Kingpin is such a great villain. He is so well done, I just wish people would call him kingpin cause everyone just keeps calling him Fisk, and it’s kind of annoying. Like I understand that people are not going to call him kingpin all the time, but just once would be great. And I hope that we get a more full costume this season because it took a long time for the costume reveal in the first season. Outside of that, though,

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An even bigger fish in need of frying

post hearth Final update on my brother. He is indeed moving elsewhere, he is not going to Alabama ‘but somewhere near it.’ apparently this deal is so secretive that he is not allowed to disclose information but he gave me some sort of keyword. He told me ‘Hardie Siding‘ and which I immediately thought he was talking about the hardy boys. I still have no idea what he is talking about though.

IN other less interesting news, I’m still at the comic shop. Apparently, I need to catch up on this show called Game of thrones. It does sound like something I’ll be into, but I don;t know if it’s going to be better than Lord of the rings, that’s the only concern I have so far. Though I am pretty excited to try something out that’s new at this point.

I haven’t spoken to my mother in a while, but she said that her and dad started this new diet. It’s pretty cool and they thought it’d be funny because everyone mistakes us for the person who created it. Not by appearance of course but because our last name is Atkins. So they figured if that guy was smart enough to have a last name like ours he might know a  thing or two

Seeing as how they’ve had steak 3 times this week it sounds like a great diet, if not a little expensive. However my biggest thing is I’m afraid of not really knowing the ins and outs, there’s a big section about not eating carbohydrates and I just don’t know enough about nutrition to know what a carb is. It’s all very confusing.

not reallyAs for me, I think I’m pretty fit, I think I’m okay and I’m going to have a pretty good time keeping the weight down. I don’t really work out but I stand  around a lot. And I mean a lot, I stand around as much as I sleep and that’s pretty much my entire life. The most activity I’ve had in the last few weeks was when I had to break up a fight at the place because somebody was certain the other was cheating. Which ended up being justified because the person was.

This is why I don’t play yu-gi-oh, it just is too stupid and gets a rise out of people too much. I do like playing Hearthstone though, it’s a shame because I’ll play it at work and pretty much spend my check as I’m getting it in getting boosters and skins and it’s a huge time sink. But oh man is it fun, if I could somehow go pro at that, I totally would. Sometimes I wonder if my life is like a common era tavern brawl. But I’m not getting into it the same way I was into World of warcraft.

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