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A bizarre phone call.

So, I’m working today at my job at the comic book store, and I receive a strange phone call. I pick up, like I would because I get paid to and hear a scratchy voice asking “Did you call a residential locksmith?” I respond “No, I don’t think I’ve ever used either of those two words in a sentence ever.”

I look around, trying to see if there’s a snickering jokester, there isn’t. Just a lot of concerned faces and exposed buttcracks. So I retort “I’m sorry, who is this?” “Dallas Locksmith.”

“Do you know that the number you dialed is in Florida?” “No, I just know that I need to talk to a Mr.Atkins.”

“Barry Atkins?” “No, I’m looking for Benny Atkins.” “What’s my brother doing in Dallas?” “I don’t know; I’m just trying to help him get back into his house.”

Then he hung up! Rude. This is bizarre to me that my brother would move to Texas and get locked out of his place. This whole situation is weird. But, anyway, I hope is all good with him, I haven’t had the chance to call him, mainly because I’m lazy, and I don’t care that much.

kill him firstAnyway, I started Game of Thrones, and it’s pretty good so far, we’re following this guy named Ed, but it’s Ned, but his full name is Eddard. That’s probably the most confusing part of the whole series so far, keeping up with the various nicknames that people can have in this world. There’s one guy called Kingslayer, that one, however, is not very hard to figure out the meaning. He might be my favorite even though he’s a bad guy. It’s hard to tell on this show I guess. But, I’m only about half way through the season. Let’s hope that it gets good cause now it’s playing out as being rather tame so far.

srslyMY parents keep sending me pictures of steaks and then telling me how much weight they’ve lost so far. It’s all very confusing to keep up with so far, but it is pretty amazing that they’re losing weight while essentially disposing of the world of several cows a week. It’s just kind of a funny situation. I suppose you never can be too old to figure out new things to do with your life.

It’s made me wonder; I’m 28 right now. I remember how weird it was that I started to feel upset a few weeks ago, but now I just have such a about me. I just don’t care about anything. And I mean anything. I just like waking up and then coming here to the store. Oh yeah, I started typing these at the comic shop, I think one day I might end up taking a selfie of the place, so everyone knows what’s up and what it looks like.

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