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enough with the locksmiths, please.

Someone thought it would be funny to bombard my phone with messages after last weeks post. Now everybody in the 305 Area Code, thinks that I am looking for a ‘miami beach locksmith.’ Their words, not mine. Every single time, and I keep saying that I want them to unlock their life!

I happened upon an interesting question earlier today that I think would be really interesting to expand upon. If you were walking down the street and saw someone and acknowledged them would you give them the first bump?

Like if you saw a random person and they initiated the fist bump I would neve My parents dietr leave them hanging, that’s just bad juju. I think it’s never a good feeling to leave people out, everyone wants to be part of something and that sort of inclusive reactions could help make the world a happier place. I think it’s a great idea and would like to start something to help that.

In other news my parents have officially gone off the deep end because they literaly sent me a picture of a meat sandwich. I don’t mean a sandwich in which there is simply bread and meat, but bread made of meat with meat in between. Apparently they deep fried steaks and then made a chicken sandwich out of it. It sounds completely bizarre but they assure me that it is healthy and that they’ve never felt better. I on the other hand received a sudden bout of illness shortly after the entire conversation.

My brother finally gave me a call adn told me where he was and I told him that I already knew becasue of the locksmith which contributed to him telling me that there are locksmiths much closer, to which I told him that I was very much aware of that at this given point in time. IT was good to hear from him, I’ve been feeling kind of out of whack lately in his absence.

AYUHlso, I’ve continued watching the Game of Thrones, it is a fanstastic show and I recommend everyone watch it. Wow, the emotional roller coaster that I went through in the last few episodes alone are enough to have me completely hooked. I mean it too, I am completely hooked on this show and I don’t know if I will ever be able to watch Lord of the Rings after this. IT’s just so human but so impossible at the same time.

What a fantastic bunch of chatacters to follow. I’m now completely team Danaerys, she’s amazing and a powerful female character and that’s refreshing on a setting that usually aims for monarchy and patriarchy specifically. But it also handles it in a way that doesn’t really ‘shame’ the viewer. You know how sometimes you feel bad for watching things because of,

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