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The spread of homes

I received some interesting news earlier today. I found out that my brother is now going to be part of a really big merger that has to remain under wraps. I won’t exactly name the company, but I will say that it has to do with Alabama real estatecards

This is really great news for him because he may be moving to new and wonderful locations. I don’t know if he would be moving to Alabama per se, it’s a little bit strange for either of us to be living there  but he is excited about the new horizons. I think it’s great, he gets to move far and away from here. If only I could follow suit too. But I think I need to start looking at things more positively.

I think that’s the real core of my problem. I don’t ever give thanks enough for the things that I have. I always make it seem like I’m upset but I do have a pretty great life. I get to hang out all day and talk about comic books while making great money. Whenever there is an emergency it’s nothing more that somebody knocking over a display or possibly spilling a soda somewhere.

It’s not that bad, I get to dictate my own hours, I always get as much as I want and then when I’m ready to go home I usually end up doing the same thing anyway. So I’ll clear about 60 hours a week doing everything that I love to do. All I have to do is just be cool about the situation. There’s talk of expansion with our store you know? I could end up moving to Alabama in a little bit or moving up or managing two stores, it all depends on the owner.

He seems like the kind of fella who would really enjoy the sort of rapid expansion. He loves to talk about how when he was little his family brought him to America and how his mother would always take the time and money to buy him a comic book. And I’m talking like one of the OG comics. Some of the displays he has in the store are original printings from the seventies. This is a man who loves his comic books, he actually reminds me of Mr.Glass from the moving unbreakablemacrophages

We regularly will screen that moving in October, to get people ready for the transition to scary comic books time which is a fan favorite. It’s such a fantastic piece of filmmaking. Not because of the perfect way they handled superheroes but purely because of how they handled Bruce Willis’ character. To think that he lived his entire life not knowing that he had the powers and capabilities to do amazing things. If it wasn’t for Mr.Glass, he might have never been able to know his true potential.

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